Romantic Rendezvous 12.0

Romantic Rendezvous 12.0 is open to all married couples of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and begins at 9:00 am (EST) on Saturday, April 21st and concludes at noon (EST) on Sunday, April 22nd.

This year’s theme is DETOX. Marriage is a sacred and holy union established by God. There are many factors that can hinder the blessings of marriage. In this retreat we will look at how we can keep our marriages holy and pure in Christ by “detoxing”, or removing the attitudes and behaviors that can often sabotage real intimacy.

To register, please contact the church office and bring in your $20.00 registration payment (checks payable to St. Paul’s) before Sunday, April 7th.

Additional costs include: $75.00 lodging, $24 per couple for lunch, $32 per couple for dinner (Amish Buffet).

Each couple is responsible for making their own room reservations before April 7th. Please call The Gasthof Inn, (812)486-2600, and mention St. Paul’s Lutheran Marriage Retreat. If you would also like to stay overnight on Friday, April 20th, The Gasthof Inn has guaranteed the same room rate for both nights.

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