Lay Leadership


As stated by the LCMS, “While the office of pastor is divinely instituted and indispensable for the Church, the deacon is an optional office based on Apostolic and church custom. The deacon or elder is a position of lay-service, concerned with the temporal and administrative affair of the congregation.” The nature of the duties of a Deacon requires that only men noted for their Christian knowledge, zeal, and experience in the spiritual work of the Kingdom of Christ shall be elected to membership.

The Board of Deacons shall consist of at least twelve (12) members. Term of office shall be for three (3) years. Four new members are to be elected each year.

You may contact the Board of Deacons by email at

The Church Council

The Church Council is an important elected body that serves as the board of directors of the Church. Except to the extent powers and authorities are retained by the congregation as a whole, all corporate powers and business and legal affairs of the Church are exercised by or under the authority of the Church Council.

The Church Council consists of : the Pastor(s), called Professional Parish Workers, the President,  the Vice President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the Financial Secretary, Chairman of Deacons, a member of Evansville Lutheran School Association representatives, Chairman of the Board of Education, Chairman of the Board of Stewardship, Chairman of the Board of Evangelism, Chairman of the Board of Parish Fellowship, Chairman of the Board of Youth Ministry, Chairman of the Board of Church Properties, and Chairman of the Board of Public Relations.